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Vote Betsy Cummins for 3rd Ward Commissioner of Ridley Township

Local municipal elections may not garner as much media attention as national or even state races, but their impact is immediate and lasting. It's the local officials who make the everyday decisions that directly affect our quality of life: the state of our roads, the quality of our schools, and the efficiency of our public services, to name just a few. These are the leaders who are most accessible and accountable to you—the residents of Ridley Township.

Election season is heating up in Ridley Township, with key seats up for grabs. Among the notable candidates for Commissioner are Betsy Cummins and Jeff Warwick.

Betsy Cummins is seeking re-election as 3rd Ward Commissioner. A resident of the Township for 40 years, Betsy has been a tireless volunteer, a proud wife and a mother of four. Her accomplishments during her tenure are noteworthy. Betsy has overseen extensive infrastructure improvements, including repairing or replacing over 20,000 feet of sewer lines and resurfacing almost 16 miles of Township roads. She has also played a crucial role in upgrading eight local parks, six traffic signals, and the Police and Public Works Departments without raising real estate taxes in the last three years. As Vice Chair of the Recycling Committee and Chair of the Library Committee, Betsy is committed to continually enhancing the Township's solid waste and recycling programs and advocating for resources to support local parks, libraries, and recreation initiatives.

As we rapidly approach an important Municipal Election on Tuesday, November 7th, 2023, I urge you to take a proactive approach. This pivotal election will shape the future of Ridley Township, Delaware County, and the State of Pennsylvania at large. Now more than ever, your voice — and your vote — matter.

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