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Shanin Melasecca for 8th Ward Commissioner

Meet Shanin Melasecca, candidate for Commissioner in the 8th Ward of Ridley Township.

Shanin was born and raised in Ridley and has lived in the Township for 17 years. She attended St. Gabes and graduated from Interboro Senior High School in 1999.

Shanin is a certified dental professional with Main Line Dental Group in Wayne. Before joining the Main Line Dental team, Shanin worked for Rapoza Family Dentistry in Prospect Park for 17 years.

Shanin is active in the community. She proudly supports the dedicated members of Folsom Fire Company and volunteers her time at Ridley Park Presbyterian Church and Chester Eastside Ministries through their PB&J outreach program. Shanin is a homeroom mom at Amosland Elementary and participates in Ridley Park Presbyterian Church's annual Christmas Tree program. She credits local resident Nick Furman and his endless creative efforts to rally the troops and support our community.

When asked about a community project, program, or accomplishment she's particularly proud of, Shanin shared: "As a new Commissioner, I particularly enjoyed the renaming of the S. Swarthmore Avenue Bridge over Stoney Creek in honor of Chick Peticca, who served as Commissioner for 32 years," she said. "Although I didn't know Chick personally at the time, it was clear he selflessly dedicated his life to help his neighbors and enhance the community he grew up in and loved. That's the true meaning of public service and the type of Commissioner I'll always strive to be."

Her favorite local small business? Shanin loves Anna's -- especially their bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Check it out - they never disappoint!

Shanin enjoys being a wife and mom. She likes spending time with her husband Frank and their four children; all enrolled in Ridley School District. Their oldest, Tyler, is a senior at the High School, along with their son Frankie, whose a Freshman. Their daughter, Gia, recently started 6th grade at the Middle School; and their youngest, Danny, is in 3rd grade at Amosland Elementary. The kids keep them busy! But Shanin and Frank do whatever they can to be involved in every sport and activity and never miss a game or event.

We asked Shanin for a "fun fact" that most people may not know about her: "I was the first female altar server and President of Service in God's Name at St. Gabes (St. Gabriel Catholic Parish in Norwood)," she said. "I like tomato sandwiches and typically have my Christmas tree up by November 1st."

Finally, what makes Shanin pRoud to be from Ridley? "It's a friendly area full of pride and community spirit. We have great schools, plenty of recreational activities, and first-class services. Ridley Township is an excellent place to live and raise your family."


Not sure if you're eligible to support Shanin? Visit the PA Department of State's Election Polling Place portal to find out what Ward you live in, and stay tuned for our next Candidate Spotlight.

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