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Local Democratic Campaigns are Resorting to Misleading Rhetoric

As election season peaks in Ridley Township, pivotal seats are at stake. Regrettably, some local Democratic campaigns are resorting to familiar tactics such as personal attacks, misleading rhetoric, and deceptive wordplay. The Democratic candidate running against Betsy Cummins for 3rd Ward Commissioner stands out as one of the worst offenders in this regard.

Make no mistake about it - Betsy Cummins embodies the values that make Ridley Township a community we're proud to be a part of. She has been a resident for four decades, has contributed years of volunteer work, and has a track record of exemplary service as 3rd Ward Commissioner.

Under Betsy's oversight, the Board has consistently passed balanced budgets, emphasizing fiscal responsibility and community needs. Our Township has also seen extensive infrastructure improvements, such as the repair or replacement of over 20,000 feet of sewer lines, the resurfacing of nearly 16 miles of Township roads, and enhancements to eight local parks—all without raising real estate taxes in the last three years.

Recently, her opponent released misleading campaign material, manipulating municipal budget data and publishing the salaries of township employees based on a 40-hour workweek when they actually are compensated for a 35-hour week. Such actions not only mislead the public but also raise serious questions about his ability to interpret financial documents responsibly.

Betsy's opponent also displays a concerning lack of understanding regarding local taxation, failing to differentiate between school and property taxes. This is more than merely a minor oversight; it's a substantial gap in knowledge that undermines his credibility and could lead to ill-informed policy decisions, confusing voters looking to make an educated choice.

As part of his outlandish narrative, Betsy's opponent proposes that interns and volunteers should replace dedicated professionals in managing Township programs and services. Our Township's workforce comprises experts and veterans in various fields—individuals whose depth of knowledge is essential for the efficient and effective operation of our community.

As Vice Chair of the Recycling Committee and Chair of the Library Committee, Betsy Cummins is deeply committed to continually enhancing our Township's solid waste and recycling programs and advocating for resources to support local parks, libraries, and recreation initiatives. Her dedication and competence make her an invaluable asset to our community and set a high standard for what public service should exemplify.

Further complicating his narrative, Betsy's opponent suggests bringing in an independent business consultant to evaluate Township-owned failing businesses, particularly citing the Municipal Marina as operating at a loss of $260k per year. The reality couldn't be further from this claim; through September 2023, the Marina has generated a profit of over $70k. This discrepancy reveals yet another layer of his inability to accurately analyze and understand municipal financials.

This Municipal Election will directly influence how your tax dollars are spent, how local laws are enacted, and how community resources are allocated. I urge you to mark your calendars, conduct your research, and engage with your neighbors about the significance of voting. Your vote is your voice, and it plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Ridley Township.

On Tuesday, November 7th, let's choose leadership dedicated to our community's growth, development, and well-being - Vote Betsy Cummins for 3rd Ward Commissioner of Ridley Township.

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