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George Dawson - the ONLY Republican Candidate for District Judge

Make no mistake about it -- George Dawson is the ONLY Republican candidate running for District Judge in Ridley Township and Nether Providence.

❌ We're told George's opposition is visiting Republican households and telling residents he is "actually a Republican, but not affiliated with 'the machine' and running as a Democrat" -- don't let that exhausted rhetoric fool you. George Dawson is asking for your support, not because of his party registration but because he is the most qualified candidate with a proven commitment and love of his community!

⚖️ Our current Magisterial District Judge, Honorable Vincent D. Gallagher, Jr., is retiring after thirty-six years of service to the community. Judge Gallagher established a reputation for his humility, leadership, high intellect, and fair-minded adjudication in all matters before him. George will bring those same qualities and disposition to the bench.

💚 As our next district judge, George Dawson is ready to make tough decisions, treat everyone fairly, and keep Ridley Township and Nether Providence safe and strong.



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