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George Dawson for Magisterial District Judge (32-1-30)

Meet George Dawson, candidate for Magisterial District Judge (32-1-30). District Court 32-1-30 includes parts of Ridley Township (Wards 2, 3, 5, 7, and 8) and Nether Providence Township (Wards 1 and 5).

George was born and raised in Ridley and has lived in the Township for 54 years. He is a proud graduate of Ridley High School class of 1984 and has operated his private law practice out of the Holmes section of the Township since 2002. George genuinely understands Delaware County values.

George has dedicated his life to serving his neighbors in the community and throughout Delaware County. His community involvement includes years of service as a Ridley School Board Director and long-time coach for Folsom Falcons Football, Ridley Jr. ABA, and Ridley Township spring league basketball programs. He also served as solicitor for Chester Upland School District in student disciplinary and truancy matters and special counsel to the Delaware County Intermediate Unit. George currently serves as a Commissioner on the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

When asked about a community project, program, or accomplishment he's particularly proud of, George shared: "From 2013 to 2020, I served as Deputy District Attorney and Chief of the Anti-Violence, Insurance Fraud, and Auto Theft units in the Delaware County District Attorney's Office," he said. "During my time there, I was an active member of the Delaware County Heroin Task Force. I am proud of the work we did to help educate the community about the risks of early drug use and the addictive nature of prescription medications. Abuse of these drugs generates crime, strains our healthcare system, and harms the quality of life for residents in our communities. Opioid overdose affects all of us; our families, our neighborhoods, and our children. Together we made significant progress in addressing one of Delaware County's most pressing challenges."

His favorite local small business? George enjoys dining at Stinger's on the Waterfront at the Ridley Township Marina. "Owners Kevin Farrell and Chef/Owner Joseph Mele offer first-rate service, an energetic dining atmosphere, and delicious cuisine," he said.

When he's not working or campaigning, George enjoys reading and checking out real estate listings.

We asked George for a "fun fact" that most people may not know about him: "I was a regular on Dance Party USA and Captain of my Ridley High School Basketball team," he said.

Finally, what makes George pRoud to be from Ridley? "In Ridley Township, we have a powerful sense of community and commitment to one another. Ridley is all about pride, community spirit, and tradition."


Not sure if you're eligible to support George? Visit the PA Department of State's Election Polling Place portal to find out what Ward you live in, and stay tuned for our next Candidate Spotlight.

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