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Dave White for Governor

It's with great pride and enthusiasm that I ask you to join me at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 6th, at the Ridley Township Municipal Building to officially kick off Dave White's campaign to serve as our next Governor of Pennsylvania.

We need an experienced leader who understands how legislative action and inaction impact local communities like Ridley Township.

Dave White's commitment to working families and helping others in Delaware County is unmatched!

During his time as a Ridley Township Commissioner and Delaware County Councilman, Dave White worked tirelessly with law enforcement and community leaders to improve public safety; and he has a proven record of leadership that is very much needed in Harrisburg.

Dave White has been a champion for our community for decades. We know Dave. But more importantly, Dave knows us - and he's never forgotten his roots.

Dave's philanthropy has often been done quietly, without recognition but always from the goodness of his heart - knowing he has been blessed with the ability to give back to his community and help others.

We need bold leadership - leadership that fights for every day Pennsylvanians. Leadership that understands how to fix what's broken.

Dave White is a straightforward, principled leader that you can trust will always do what he says. His character and good work speak for themselves. Ridley Township is a better place because of leaders and genuinely good people like Dave White.

It's past time we put people over politics.

Dave White will work to make our communities safer, our families stronger, and our future brighter for all of Pennsylvania.

Robert J. Willert


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