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Chris Bryan for Ridley School Board

Meet Chris Bryan, candidate for School Director on Ridley School Board.

The Ridley School Board consists of nine members who serve four-year terms of office without pay or any form of compensation. School Directors, although locally elected, are really state officials, co-partners with the legislature. They are designated by school law to administer the school system in each district.

Chris Bryan was born and raised in Ridley and has lived in the Folsom section of the Township for 42 years. Chris attended Our Lady of Peace for Kindergarten through 3rd grade, Edgewood Elementary, and graduated from Ridley High School in 1997. Chris truly personifies the pride, spirit, and legacy of Ridley. Chris is a Wealth Director with Pine Valley Investments. He has worked in the financial service industry for 20 years -- 15+ years as an Investment Advisor.

Chris has been very active in local youth sports programs, having served as a coach for two travel teams with Ridley United Soccer Club and the 6th-grade boys' team for Ridley Youth Lacrosse. Chris coordinated a youth group at Ridley Park Presbyterian Church for 10+ years and established their annual Christmas Tree Elves program. He also helps organize the yearly Mud, Sweat and Cheers Challenge 5K Trail Run at Blackrock Park, hosted by Ridley United Soccer Club. "So many people are willing to volunteer their time to help with many different organizations for the children," he said. "Our sports programs help so many kids have opportunities to go to colleges and travel to places they may not have had the opportunity to see." Chris currently serves on Ridley School Board. In his first term, he established a finance committee for the School Board in 2020 to ensure accountability of taxpayer dollars. "We know teachers are the most important school factor driving student outcomes. Yet, they often work in systems that lack the resources needed to help them unlock student success and potential," he said. "We have extraordinary educators and staff throughout Ridley School District. Our teachers work hard to prepare our children for higher education and for life. I look forward to advocating for them in every way I can to move our schools in a positive direction and recover from this difficult year with healthy and successful students." Chris also serves as a Board member for the Delaware County Intermediate Unit, Ridley United Soccer Club, and the Finance Committee for Ridley Park Presbyterian Church.

When asked about a community project, program, or accomplishment he's particularly proud of, Chris shared: "My client approached me three years ago, and we aligned with Christmas Tree Elves Organization," he said. "To date, we have distributed over 200 Christmas trees (60-75 annually), including stands, decorations, lights, etc., to local Ridley families in need. Last year we included gifts for several families as well." His favorite local small business? Chris is a fan of all of them! "Many of our local businesses have overcome extraordinary challenges during the pandemic to keep their doors open and serve our community. Neighborhood staples like Anna's and Mike & Emma's are one of a kind. I am grateful to these small business owners who are innovating, sacrificing, and working around the clock to keep people employed, maintain our community's vibrancy, and ensure customer safety. My family and I make every effort to support them." Chris enjoys spending time with his family and traveling. He and his wife Beth are the proud parents of four children, all enrolled in Ridley School District in 8th, 6th, 4th, and 2nd grades. Chris' wife Beth is also a 2nd Grade teacher at Grace Park Elementary, and both she and Chris help out with the PTO.

Community service is, without a doubt, at the core of the Bryan family. Both Chris and his wife are following in their parent's footsteps by continually engaging in community groups to enhance and improve them for their children. Both are very active in the Ridley Park Presbyterian Church, where they teach Sunday School, are the Youth Group leaders for kids ages 6th-12th grade, and run a free Bible School during the summer for 150+ children. Beth is also President of the Ridley Girls Youth Lacrosse Club, coaches the K-2 Lacrosse Program and basketball for Ridley Jr. ABA.

We asked Chris for a "fun fact" or two that most people may not know about him: "I'm a Pisces," he said. "I was Captain of the Men's Lacrosse Team at Rutgers University in 2001 and was named All-Delco for three sports in high school -- soccer, football, and lacrosse."

Finally, what makes Chris pRoud to be from Ridley? "When you think of Ridley, you think of a hard-working and discipline-driven team player. I'm proud of how our community stands behind each other when a person or family is in need -- it's truly unique," he said. "People in Ridley are genuine, authentic, and passionate. There is a friendly face to say hello or stop you to see how you're doing no matter where you go."


Not sure if you're eligible to support Chris? Visit the PA Department of State's Election Polling Place portal to find out what School District you live in, and stay tuned for our next Candidate Spotlight.

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